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Flor Affair is a floral company founded in 2017 with the mission of providing floral arrangement as a form of art expression and wellbeing.

Flowers are powerful! They can raise our moods, help us to be focused and create wellbeing at our workplace. Many researches confirm that.

Therefore, at Flor affair we want to deliver beautiful floral arrangements to your business as a manifestation of your company style and to enhance the wellbeing at your workplace.

Every Monday your reception or board room will look beautiful and alive with a fresh bespoke floral creation with the style you love for your company. It could be contemporary, chic, industrial, rustic or retro.

Our team will visit your company to discuss face to face all your needs and suggest floral arrangements, colour palettes, etc., depending on your company mission, budget or other requirements.

Contact us at or give us a call at tel. (01) 8900242 and we will be happy to give you further information and visit your business for the best advice and proposal that suits your budget.

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