FLoral Goat’s Cheese

FLoral Goat’s Cheese
This recipe is for the cheese lovers among us!
I have found it in “91 Magazine”.
200g soft goat’s cheese
3 tsp honey
2 tsp lemon juice
1pack mixed edible flowers
150 g chopped walnuts
mixed herbs (parsley or coriander) .
Mix all the ingredients except for the flowers.
Lay down some baking paper and sprinkle the edible flowers in an even layer in a circle around 20cm in diameter.
Using two spoons, scoop the goat’s cheese mixture into a ball and place onto flowers.
Gently press down to form a flat, thick circular patty. Then gently lift the backing paper up around the edges to press the flowers into the sides of the goat’s cheese.
Serve the cheese with crackers, salad, blackberries and other cheeses and wine, if you like.

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