Kokedama, the new interior design trend!


This morning I went for a coffee to Butlers (my favourite coffee in Ireland) and I passed by Eason’s book shop where I saw ‘The Flower Arranger’ ( The UK’s biggest selling floral design magazine), and do you know what?, Kokedama was on the cover with an extensive article on the inside by Jackie McCarrick, titled “Crazy for Kokedama”, amazing!. We, Flor Affair, are the first floral design company to be currently creating Kokedamas for floral installations, corporates clients, and selling them online in Ireland on www.floraffair.com.Coming back to the article, I have to say, I was very pleased and excited to see that Kokedama is having a great success as a new interior design trend in the Netherlands, Australia, Spain, America, UK, and now starting in Ireland, where we are advocating for it.
Young people, designers, and artists love it, because they are beautiful, sculptural, wild  and effortless. They are perfect for styling houses, cafes, restaurants, receptions, and art installations. I think Kokedama plants are going to be very popular as more people are looking for beauty in crafts and natural materials.

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